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What I Do

Full Production

Let's give your songs the musical attention they deserve. Let your songs come to life with professional music production! 


Let your raw recordings reach their full potential and sound like the songs on the radio! I'll mix your song and make it sound incredible!

my work

Here is a taste of my latest work, have a listen and see if you think we're a fit!

My work

About me

My Story

My name is Levi Stark, and I started writing and producing music about 10 years ago and found what I want to do for a living. But later, I have found what I want to do with my life - to create more beauty in this world.


What is beauty to me? It is about creating meaningful experiences and stories for people to remember and connect with, through music.


I do this with help from tried and true methods that I've acquired through many years of songwriting and producing, but also with my bachelor's degree in Audio Production.


My Values

For me, making music is all about helping you tell your story and let your voice be heard. It's not just about making great-sounding music, it's about moving people's hearts. 


That's why I first and foremost value your authenticity. You've got a story the world needs to connect with. You've got a voice that the world longs to listen to. You've got inner beauty that the world longing to see unraveled. My honor is to help you take the next step into this.

About me


Martin Sundberg.jpeg

Martin Sundberg (Artist & songwriter)


"I highly recommend Levi! He is a perfectionist and will go the extra mile for you. Easy to work with, easy to like, and affordable. There is no one I recommend more than Levi when it comes to music production."

GK worship-16.jpg

Jonathan Nikolausson (Artist & songwriter)


"We really enjoyed working with Levi, he is not only a skilled producer but a good songwriter as well. He is thorough and attentive in his production. We will highly recommend him to anyone."

Jennifer Lidén.jpeg

Jennifer Lidén (Songwriter)


"I can highly recommend Levi. I got a really nice, friendly reception, my goals were reached, and above all, the result was exceeding my expectations!"

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