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About Me

My story

My name is Levi Stark, and I live in Sweden together with I started writing and producing music about 10 years ago and found out that this was the thing that I wanted to do for a living. But as the years went on, I discovered that the true value in making music is not primarily just in the music itself, but in creating powerful, and deeply meaningful experiences for people that listen to it.

My Values

On a deeper level, my end goal is not just to create great music, it’s to embody the sound of your heart and to help you create deep and meaningful encounters for the people that are going to listen to it.

My faith in Jesus means everything to me and affects all that I do. In the end, all I care about making stuff that glorifies him and reveals God to people. Whether it is through music or anything else, I want to help other people get to encounter the living God.

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