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full production

I would be honoured to be able to record and produce your song. My goal for music production is to capture the sounds that best communicate your vision and story behind the song to your listeners. 

Practically, the production process includes everything from finding the best key for the song, adding effects, recording instruments, and creating the overall vibe for the song.

Don’t play around any longer, it's time to take your songs and your stories seriously. 

My Services
Mixin & Mastering


Let your raw recordings reach their full potential and sound like the songs on the radio! I'll mix your song and make it sound incredible! 

Hear the Difference

Hear for yourself the huge difference between NO mixing and WITH mixing on a song!

NO mixing

WITH mixing

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Psst... Want Free Feedback?

Still in the writing process? I would be honored to give feedback on one of your songs. Submit a song below, and I'll send you a video back with some feedback on your song!

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